Château Hostens-Picant Cuvée d'Exception Lucullus 2010

80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc
Yield: 28 hl/ha
Vines are 25 years old on average

Limestone and clay soil

Hand-picked harvest precedes secondary selection.

The harvest is placed in 65hl wooden stock vats. Thermo-regulation and micro-oxygenation assure
proper punching – or 'pigeage' – is performed, guaranteeing the best possible extraction. Alcoholic
fermentation is allowed to occur directly in the wood vats, though malolactic fermentation will take
place later in barrels (half of which are new). Juices remain separated according to grape variety and are aged over a period of 15 months.

The color of this cuvée – the blackness and depth – demonstrate its potential as part of a legendary
Remarkable in its complexity, the wine's bouquet boasts accents of wild mulberry, blackcurrant and
licorice. Several minutes of aeration, however, reveal notes of peonies and black olives.
The wine's mellow attack precedes a mid-palate that is dense and full, typical among wines of
its vintage. A structure of chalky, well-coated tannins gives ground to a delicious saline finish,
historically a characteristic feature of the great calcareous terroirs.

Aging potential: at least twenty years

Ideal serving temperature: 16-17°C

Place in carafe one hour before serving.

This wine pairs extremely well with grilled meats and lamb but also with lamprey à la bordelaise.

Guide des meilleurs vins de France de la Revue du Vin de France 2013: 17/20
Guide Hachette 2013: 2 stars