The spirit of a Bordeaux in evolution

When we arrived in the region, the Sainte-Foy Bordeaux appellation was regarded as a marginal contender, far from the international renown enjoyed by some of the other bordelais. For this reason we took the commercialization of our wines into our own hands. We knew that to be successful we would need to create wines of an exceptional quality at affordable prices. We also knew that if we succeeded in the first part, our wines would have a place at the best tables in France and abroad. Nadine and Yves have always acted as their own ambassadors – Yves championing the couple's wines the world over and Nadine doing the same in the palaces of Paris and France. Our vineyard is now recognized for the uncontested quality and consistency of the wines that we have come to produce.

Today, enthusiastically and in the purest of family traditions, it is this noble task that Charlotte and Valentine continue to pursue.