Our team

With dual roles as head of vineyards and of the cellar, Eric Fréchou knows each parcel of the Hostens-Picant estate by heart. He is the memory of Hostens-Picant. Eric has held the reigns of the property since Nadine and Yves' arrival and he has yet to drop them. When questioned, it is with humility that he speaks of “his” vines.

Together with Nadine and Yves, Eric has worked tirelessly to improve the vineyard and the quality of its wines. He worked closely with Yves to be among the first in the region to equip cellar vats for micro-oxygenation. In 2002, he played a key role in transitioning from the traditional 225 L bordelais barrels to 400 L bourguignon models – a turning point for the quality of our white wines. 

Eric Fréchou stands at the head of the vineyard's team of field workers. It is his job to assure that all of our standards are respected, guaranteeing the highest possible level of quality. In his own words: “We are a small vineyard, but I've always put an emphasis on quality. My philosophy on the Hostens-Picant property is to leave a legacy of passion for the land and passion for the wine. My wish is that our wine represent the very essence of a civilization celebrated for its culture and flair for life.”